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About Director:

Mrs. Nestorović, a native of Serbia, showed interest in music at a very early age. She was only four years old when she was accepted as a perspective piano student to the prestigious “dr Miloje Milojević” Music School in Kragujevac. Mrs. Nestorović, then discovered to have the perfect pitch, was one of the few piano students of her generation to start her music education that early. During her studies she was a prize winner of many national and international competitions. Mrs. Stefana’s favorite was the first prize at The National Competition in Piano Performance at the age of eight.

In pursuit of excellence in her music education, Mrs. Nestorović was accepted to a highly competitive High School program as a double major in piano performance and music theory. Mrs. Nestorović was later admitted to the Faculty of Philology and Arts at the University of Kragujevac as a holder of the National Scholarship. Being one of the best students of her generation, maintaining her GPA of 4.0, Mrs. Stefana was recognized by the Young Talent Fond and became the recipient of The Dositej Scholarship Award. Mrs. Nestorović holds her Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Music Theory and Master of Musical Arts degree with honors in Music Education.

Mrs. Nestorović is an enthusiastic performer, accompanist, pedagogue, and teacher with a passion for education. During her life in Serbia, Mrs. Nestorović was on piano faculty at “Stevan Mokranjac” Music School in Kraljevo and owned a vibrant private studio of piano, solfège and theory. Her students have been successfully accepted to prestigious high school music programs, colleges and won competition prizes. Her methodology is based on individualized curriculum and her own written preparations for subjects in solfège, aural skills, harmony with harmonic analysis, etc. As a pianist, Mrs. Nestorović found her passion in chamber music and leads a versatile career as a collaborative artist both in Serbia and the USA.

Mrs. Stefana’s expertise, enthusiasm for rigorous piano pedagogy, and deep commitment to provide educational opportunities for young musicians led her to pursue ownership of Allegro Music Center in Park Ridge, Illinois in 2019. As in music, Mrs. Nestorović seeks excellence in business ownership, as well. Allegro Music Center relocated to a beautiful new facility, with new instruments, taking the quality and the experience of music education to the highest level.