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At Allegro, our teachers start piano and keyboard students using time-tested, traditional methods. Reading notes, learning fingerings and counting are essential skills that all of our students acquire. Our entire staff is willing and able to teach everything from classical to jazz to modern pop, giving students the option to explore all types of music.


Students have the option of choosing between Suzuki method, which initially focuses on learning by ear, and traditional lessons, which incorporate reading music. Everyone learns notation, chords, tablature, scales, and songs. Our short term goal is to get our students up and playing as quickly as possible. The long term goal is to help foster excellent guitarists who understand music.


Everyone loves to sing! Let our teachers help you get the most out of your voice. At Allegro, we teach our voice students breathing techniques, how to sing and use scales, as well as their favorite songs. We use many different exercises to help you develop and control the vocal muscles, as well maintaining your vocal health. 


 We have curriculum that is set for students who want to learn how to be a well rounded drummer, however, we also customize our curriculum for students who have a specific goal in mind. We are also experts at breaking down songs and helping students figure out how to play songs of all difficulty levels.


At Allegro, students have the option of choosing between Suzuki or O’Connor methods, which initially focus on learning by ear, or traditional lessons that incorporate reading music. 


The ukulele is a beloved instrument across genres and musical traditions, and it’s easy to see why. It’s versatile, sounds great whether you’re playing by yourself or in a group, and it’s very beginner-friendly. In fact, `ukulele is the instrument of choice for many classroom music teachers because of how fun and accessible it is for students of any ability level.


Private woodwind lessons start from ages 7-8 and up, when students have the lung capacity and strength to handle supporting the air flow necessary for producing a steady and consistent tone.

Solfeggio (Music Theory) lessons:

We offer a Music Theory lessons ranging from introductory courses, which cover the basics of reading & writing down music, to more advanced topics, such as chords & chord progressions, harmonic analysis, and identifying intervals & chords by ear.